Paste, Clay & Pomade, whats the difference?

Hair paste, hair clay, and pomade differ primarily in their texture, hold, and finish.
  1. Hair Paste: Typically has a medium hold and can range from a matte to a slight shine finish. It's versatile, works well for a variety of hairstyles, and is suitable for most hair lengths and types. Pastes are thicker in consistency but still easy to distribute through the hair.

  2. Hair Clay: Known for providing a strong hold with a matte finish, hair clay adds thickness and texture to the hair. It often contains natural clays like bentonite, which absorb excess oil and swell in the hair, making it feel fuller. Ideal for voluminous and textured hairstyles.

  3. Pomade: Offers a range from medium to high shine and can have a light to strong hold, depending on the formulation. Pomades are great for slick, neat hairstyles and are available in water-based (easy to wash out) and oil-based (more traditional, harder to wash out) varieties. They are particularly good for sleek looks like pompadours and side parts.

Each product caters to different styling needs and preferences, with pastes being more general-purpose, clays adding more texture and volume, and pomades providing a sleeker, shinier look.